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Shit Girls Say

Have you seen those Shit Girls Say videos that are floating around? Watch it here if you haven’t. 

What would a normal human response be to seeing those videos? To laugh and share the link with a friend? To smile politely and move on with one’s life? To find them vaguely offensive but mostly harmless? 

Those all seem like reasonable responses. But if you’re me, you spend a few hours thinking about how it would be funny if there were a parody called shit grills say (yes, grills, like charcoal grills for cooking meat and vegetables) and then you’d spend a few more hours on a Friday night actually making one while your girlfriend worked at her desk and wondered out loud how she had come to be in a relationship with such a weirdo. 

At any rate, without any further ado, I present: Shit Grills Say - Episode 1

In this episode of Stick Figure News, we hear about what Newt Gingrich wants to outlaw. 

Inspired by his recent statement that we should make a federal law prohibiting sharia law in US courts:


Stick Figure News: Is Glenn Bleck a liar? 

After being called out for a small lie during a recent speech, Beck defended himself by saying that the lie was “easier” than the full explanation of the truth. 

Noah and Dru's Novel - Ep.
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at

Episode 6 of “Noah and Dru’s Novel” is now up on! Affectionately titled “rough rough draft.”

As always, thanks to Noah and Dru for being so great, thanks to Stacy for holding the boom and feedback during editing, and thanks to Todd and the good people at UCBcomedy for giving us a platform to be silly on.

4Track Comedy -
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at

4Track - “Webchat.” 

This is hilarious. From


“The comedy community is very friendly right now. I think that’s why you see all the synergy and people doing each other’s movies,” says Bateman.


"The new paradigm is to be talented and nice,” he says. “It’s considered a little rookie to be a douchebag.”



-Jason Bateman, from New York magazine article, "Jason Bateman, Act Two" August 15th, 2010

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Stick Figure News: Is Google Evilly Killing The Open Internet?

I made this! I’m in the infant stages of learning animation with After Effects. 

Noah and Dru's Novel - Ep.
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at

Noah and Dru’s Novel - Episode 5 - Writer’s delirium



Well this is wonderful. Please watch this bit of ridiculous.
Discovering a TV Star: The incredible true story of how Adam McKay and Will Ferrell discovered Chris Gethard

Big Lake premieres on Comedy Central August 17th at 10pm.

Zach Woods spotting! I think this is an old commercial, but I just saw it.

Zach Galifianakis. I love this man. 
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Zach Galifianakis. I love this man. 

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Episode #4 of my web series “Noah and Dru’s Novel” is now online: A Little Alliteration. As always, Noah and Dru are amazing. Thanks to Stacy for helping with sound and to Todd for allowing us to continue doing this. 



Acting Reel Master Database - episode 2 - Ted Goines

Congrats to Dan and Rob on advancing at the Channel 101NY screening last night. This video may be the best thing I’ll see today, including this. Supertown needs to make more things.